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Of all the different techniques used to brand apparel the two most preferred methods are embroidery and screen printing.We are asked this often by customers so we explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.Embroidery uses thread to embroider/sew your design directly onto the fabric, uses thread to create patches that can then be sewn by you onto your garments and/or accessories.Today, the technology has become much more advanced and machinery takes the place of people. Robotic machines can sew with extreme speed and accuracy like never before.  Making for exquisite outcomes.Embroidery is preferred by corporate companies and small businesses alike, since it looks more professional on aprons, robes, suits and casual wear. Embroidery can also be done on bags, towels, robes, dress shirts, suit coats, and many other items.Embroidery can be put on a wide variety of materials.In addition, many companies charge a setup fee called digitizing. This process is basically converting an image into a file that the robotic machinery can read and is normally just a one-time fee. This explains why small orders are far more expensive than large orders on a per item basis.